{How to} Pack a One Week Vacay Into a Carry-On!

I am super excited about this post, because doing so means I have an upcoming trip! I am so can’t wait to see my family and friends in Michigan! If you live away from home, or travel a lot you know how challenging it can be to check luggage. After 7 years away from home, traveling has become fairly routine for me, I feel like I have learned a lot along the way that has made my life so much easier! After many delayed flights {Detroit in the winter is impossible}, unexpected nights in the airport and several episodes of lost luggage forcing me to wait days for my clothing I no longer check luggage…EVER! Traveling in the winter makes this a little more tricky, but luckily it is summer {almost} and I am dreaming of a warm {and probably muggy} vacation in the mitten.

Since my friends and family are always asking me how I fit everything in my carry-on, I thought I would share, so here it goes! Tips for easier travel!

Tip #1: Streamline your toiletries and accessories, most places you go will have some items you need.


1. I got this great flat accessory holder for my birthday from my mom, it is from Thirty-One and folds up so flat! In here I have included: Make up removing wipes, a small mirror, my daily contacts, a travel toothbrush, my make up brushes, mascara, lip gloss, concealer, compact cover up, naked-bronzer/blush combo, naked-palette, eyelash curler plus deodorant {but I keep that in my purse!}

2. When you carry on, any liquids/gels have to be visible in a re closeable baggie. I suggest not forgetting this or all of your favorite products will get thrown in the trash!! {yes I say this from experience} They have a strict 3 oz rule, don’t forget! I always make sure to have my favorite products with me in travel size. Here is what I have included: Bumble and Bumble voluminous mouse, thickening spray and defrizz {staples for summer in the Midwest!} I also have a travel sized face wash, face lotion and SPF 30 as well as a travel size toothpaste. Luckily for me I know where I am going will have shampoo and conditioner + body wash, so I won’t bother to pack it.

3. For this trip I am bringing my curling Iron and Straighter since I will be going to two different weddings. I tied all my hair ties to the handle of my brush so I wouldn’t lose them, I brought some fun hair ties because they look way better on the wrist than the ugly black ones.

4. Jewelry: I always struggle with downsizing here! I decided on one statement necklace, a watch, a few bracelets {gold and silver} and I will probably wear my simple stud earnings, which are not pictured because they are normally in my ears πŸ™‚ I may add in one or two extra necklaces last minute, I tend to do that! I am also bringing one neutral colored belt which works well with tops, jeans or dresses!

Tip #2: Pack active clothes which are multifunctional


1. Since it is summerish I plan on spending time by the pool and at the beach. I packed two swim suite tops and bottoms that can actually be worn 4 different ways since all of them can be mix matched. If you try to buy swim separates this way, you have less to pack but more options! I love the black top with the colorful bottoms, but can also wear the full black suite, or the pink top with the black bottoms or colorful bottoms.

2. I know I will be working out a least a few times while I am home. My sister and I usually go running once or twice, so I packed one pair of workout shorts {which I can wash if I need them more than once} as well as 1 t-shirt and 1 tank.

3. I never forget a hat, summers in Michigan are HOT, gotta keep that sun off my face. I LOVE the colors in this hat that my husband bought me.

Tip #3: Bring one fun pair of shoes, but mostly neutrals that can be worn with lots outfits


1. I am in love with these mint green sandals from Target. I have already mapped out what they go with and I know they are good for at least 3-4 outfits.

2. I have two weddings to go to while I am home, so I decided these nude colored heels were my best bet. They go with both dresses I have packed for the wedding, one that is dressier and one that is a little more summery and casual.

3. Flip flops, gotta have these for the pool, beach, running around etc. I am a big fan of turquoise.

4. My basic black go to sandals, they obviously go with just about any outfit.

Tip #4: Lay out your clothing and think about what you will wear with each outfit that way, you don’t wind up on vacation with a bunch of random items and nothing that pairs well. Also, try to find tops that go with more than one bottom.


1. I packed 1 black bra, 1 sports bra and one convertible strapless.

2. Make sure you have enough underwear for each day {I don’t think this is an area for skimping}

3. I am not a fan of shorts, I just really don’t like to wear them. I am a dress gal, so I brought several of them. On the far right are two maxi dresses and one skirt, super comfy and light. I also have the nicer blue dress and yellow dress for the two weddings I am going to {the nude heels are for these}. I also had to bring my black and white pencil skirt, it is perfect for going out at night. I decided to bring one pair of capris and 4 tanks, two dressier and two casual. {added bonus, when I go home I always get to raid my sister’s closet so if I forget anything, I am not stressed!} Isn’t that what sisters are for?

4. That is it, this is everything I am bringing! I should note, I plan to wear my workout shoes on the plane since they are the bulkiest item. I have not decided yet on my plane outfit, but you can bet it will be something comfortable!Β  I normally also pick a neutral long sleeved shirt or light jacket to wear on the plane that can also be worn if there are any chilly nights.

Tip #5: fold all the clothes flat! None of that rolling stuff! It really doesn’t work the way people say it does!



1.I lay all my undergarments flat and put them in the mesh zip up section on the tops. {Included here are: underwear, sleep shorts, sports bra, bathing suite.}

2. I fold all my clothes into rectangles that are about the same size and then press them together on one side of the suitcase, You can see I have two small piles of clothes. Next to the clothes I fit my one pair of heels, place one sole down and the other opposite way sole up. In front of the clothes at the bottom I placed the straighter and curing iron and then put my two bras that I didn’t want to smash on top of them. I actually still have a lot more room in my suite case, which is nice because I always find a way to bring stuff back with me when I go on vacation!

3. Put the shoes in the outer pockets if they fit, luckily flats and sandals fit perfectly!

4. The items to the right {Hat, toiletries, liquids, brush and jewelry} I like to put into my second carry on bag. You are technically allowed one carry-on and one “smaller” bag that can go under the seat in front of you.

Tip # 6: Use a second bag for your carry on that you can fit your purse inside of so that you have extra room for the items you want to reach in flight. The black bag will go in the overhead compartment and I wont mess with that until I reach my destination!


1. Here are the items I keep in my “smaller” carry-on. I like to bring an i-pad, with a book and movie pre-loaded to reduce clutter. I also will throw my purse in there on the day of my flight along with some snacks and water. {Bonus} This will also be my beach bag while on vacation.

Here I am all ready to go! {Too bad I still have three more days!}


Happy Travels!