My Organized Life

In keeping with my recent “organization” theme, I have decided to share a few more things I checked off my to-do list recently. One of the bigger ones was getting my master bedroom closet, dresser and jewelry in order. Some might say I have a small obsession with jewelry….who can blame a girl? I will mention, much of my jewelry has been gifted to me by a few talented co-workers I have, but it is also my favorite thing to buy as a souvenir on trips, vacations and at other unique destinations.

Here is the outcome of my closet organization, so much easier to get ready in the morning!

And, P.S. I LOVE these Target shoe racks!!


I am also slightly obsessed with scarves…I know, I have a problem. I found this old shoe rack when I was cleaning out the office this weekend, so thought it would be perfect for my scarf collection. You are probably thinking, I am crazy for having scarves out when it is summer, but for anyone who has ever been to the central coast, you know it is COLD at night! Well, cold by California standards anyways πŸ™‚ My Michigan friends are probably rolling their eyes at me right now!

IMG_4191 IMG_4193

And here is the rest of my jewelry on display! I am really wanting to mount this old paint drawer on the wall, but I haven’t quite decided where I want it yet, so for now it gets to sit on my dresser. The dresser is another upcoming project!

IMG_4194 IMG_4195

Happy Monday!