Office Makeover {In a Closet}

Happy Sunday! Since I have been putting off organizing/cleaning the home office/guest room since we moved in last year, I decided this was a good weekend to tackle the project. After yesterdays cleaning spree, I decided one more room needed to get done!

We have several guests coming to stay with us this summer/fall and as of yet we have not purchased a bed for the spare room, mostly because it has been full of junk, but also because buying another bed had not been a priority. Since I also have to use this room for my home office {I do a lot of work for my nutrition consulting business at home} I decided the best way to fit it all in would be to move my office to the closet. I found a number of inspiration pieces on pinterest, but didn’t want to spend any money…I am on a home spending hiatus…well, other than the essentials, I do have to go buy stain for the deck today.

These were some of the my inspiration offices, as you can tell I like white, with some pops of color, but also lots of space for random pictures and other items I might want to display along the way.

closetoffice3 closetoffice2closetofficeΒ  closetoffice4 closetoffice5 closetoffice6

Initially, I had my heart set on making a built in desk, but in light of my new plan {the no spending money plan} I decided to just work with what I had. So everything in my office is a hand-me-down, or rejuvenated item πŸ™‚

My first plan of attack was to paint the closet, it was a hideous off white/yellow stained color, the people who lived in the house before us somewhat thrashed the place. I have painted the house from head to toe, but the closet was one place that was skipped. I debated doing a fun bright color, but then reality hit…I might actually need to use this as a closet again. Plus I was right back at the not spending money on more paint issue. So, white it was, I already had two gallons of ultra bright white left over from the baseboards we painted.

Here was the closet before, you probably cant quite see the sticky yellow stuff all over, it needed a good wipe down before the paint even went on! On the right, you can see the difference between the old color and the new color.

IMG_4146 IMG_4147

And here is the closet freshly painted and crisply white! Ahhh.


Once the paint was all dry, I started moving into my new office! Most of the boxes on the shelves are filled with craft supplies, I am a sucker for colorful paper and scrapbooking items! I also decided to use an old canvas as a pin up board since I didn’t have a cork board. Obviously it still needs to be filled, but I am glad there is a lot of room for all my future finds πŸ™‚ I am sure I will find more items one day to pretty it up further, but for now, it works just fine! Here it is!




The room is now cleaned and fully empty {well mostly} for when my guests come! Next up on the project list is changing out the hardware and re-finishing the built ins! Now, I just need to find some furniture. Craigslist and Home Goods, here I come!






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