{DIY} Legging Covered Lampshade!

After a VERY long month my first class in my masters program is done! YAY! I survived…barely, going back to school after seven years is tough! With that out of the way, it was time to spend some major time in spring cleaning mode. This has been a weekend of organizing and cleaning, but more importantly, bringing new life to old things. I have spent hours going through closets and making my keep, donate and trash piles. In the midst of my mayhem, I came across a few things that were just begging for a little TLC. Ironically enough, last night as I was laying in bed going through my usual routine of pinteresting while trying to fall asleep, I stumbled across a post that grabbed my eye. It was a lampshade! Covered in leggings! Who thinks of that!? I of course had to explore, I instantly fell in love with this chicks blog, Vintage Revivals. Check it out! http://www.vintagerevivals.com/

Here were my inspiration photos:

lampshade lampshade2

When I came across this idea, I thought it was the coolest thing ever! Only problem, I don’t wear leggings! There was no way I was buying leggings to cover a lampshade. And then, today in my cleaning rampage…guess what I found! A pair of leggings!! I actually bought them at Forever 21 for an 80’s themed concert I went to a few years back…Whaaaaaaat?? The best part was, they were coral, my favorite color and one of the accent colors in my master bedroom. It was a sign, I was doing this project. SO, here it goes….

This was the lamp I had initially put in my “donate” pile. (I actually had two of them…they were both on their way out the door!) Can you say UGLY.


And here are the leggings I used, to be honest I was pretty skeptical that these would fit over the lampshade, thank goodness they were size XL, it might have been tough if they were smaller.

IMG_4116 IMG_4119

I started by cutting the leg off at the highest point where the leg meets the butt. Then I pulled the leg over the lampshade with the widest part toward the bottom of the shade. Since my shade is shaped like a bell and not perfectly oval like the inspiration piece, I had to stretch it a little more at the bottom. I cut off the excess at the top and bottom leaving about 1 inch to fold over.


Next, I got out my glue gun and made a small line of hot glue around the rim of the shade. I folded the excess legging over the hot glue to tack it down on both the top and the bottom. Since I had two ugly lamps, I decided to use both legs of the leggings and make a matching pair!

I decided to embellish my shade just a little bit with some blue ribbon I found in my craft box, I just LOVE coral and blue together 🙂

Here is my final product, I think it turned out pretty good for my first try! {I think I am now on the hunt for a cheap pair of tribal print leggings, I pretty much love the inspiration piece.} Today’s project cost $0!

IMG_4151 IMG_4150




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