5 Reasons I Love My Best Friend

I think people often underestimate the power of a good friend. You realize how much you really appreciate your friends when they are far away. For me, this realization hit me hard today, especially since it is my best friends birthday and she is 4,000 miles away. Hundreds of different thoughts starting rolling through my brain during my drive to work this morning and I found myself thinking about all the memories we share. These are just 5 of the reasons I love my best friend….

1. I have fun no matter what we do (it got me thinking about our “friends” marathons, youth group outings, mall trips and even family vacations!)

2. Even after weeks of not talking, the conversation picks up like I just saw her yesterday. (You can’t do this with just anyone)

3. Me moving across the country has not put a dent in our relationship. (It seems like yesterday we were bunk mates at Camp Barakel and I still talk to her the same as I would have back then.)

4. She is more like a sister than a friend. (I pretty much know that no matter what I say, she has to forgive me, and she will) 🙂

5. She is driven, motivated and passionate about her goals in life (This is one major personality trait we share, and not every person has this.)

I thought I would follow this up with some of my favorite friendship quotes and a little #TBT photo (Courtesy of her mom) She posted this on facebook today and I can almost remember it being taken but don’t think I had ever seen it. Can we say 90’s? Happy Birthday Nic! Love You! xo

10343666_10202003398748903_4029618116785551836_n friendsquote5

friendsquote3 friendsquote2

friendsquote4 Friendsquote


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