Wake up Call

Yesterday was my final class before my first Master’s Midterm (YIKES…taking it this afternoon!). The class is on Nutrition and Palliative Care at the End of Life, very interesting to me since I deal with these issues with my patients on a daily basis. The pace of the class, the concepts and everything that has gone along with it, plus work and my other obligations, left me feeling a little tired and very overwhelmed. My week has pretty much consisted of work, class, reading for class, working on my presentation for class, sleep and then starting all over again!

I was staring to feel pretty sorry for myself, but then yesterday god gave me a little slap in the face. Halfway through class, my professor told us we were going to stop with the lecture and finish the evening watching “The Suicide Tourist.” Imagine my irritation when she told us this, considering I was stressed to the max with studying and trying to gulp up every last moment to prepare for the midterm! Then, the documentary came on and it was like gravity kept my face glued to the screen. I can not imagine the strength of both this man and his wife, to make some of the decisions they did. What an amazing relationship they have. Regardless of your view on the issue, I think their relationship is a true testament of devotion. They both have inspired me!

If you have not watched this, I would recommend it, but WARNING it is not a light hearted video. But it might open your eyes to the things some people have to deal with in their lives, and it might not make some of your problems seem so grand. Note, you might want to grab the tissue box before you start.

Here is the link where you can watch it online (if you want). It is about 50 min long altogether.




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