DIY Display Board

Want a fun way to display your photos, holiday cards or other notes? Try this easy DIY display board made from an old thrift store picture frame ($3) and cork board squares from the craft store!

Since pretty much all of my friends are getting married and having babies right now, I am using this as my wedding and baby gallery! Looking forward to traveling to Michigan next month to see some of my favorite gals and their kiddos 🙂


I found this old wood board at a thrift store here in town, under the cork is a hideously painted flower, but I thought the shabby chic wood style was pretty neat! I got the cork board squares at Michael’s, they are super cheap ($5-10 and come with several of these squares in a package.)

To assemble, I put a small amount of hot glue on the back of the cork and pasted it on top of the flower (I couldn’t cover that thing up fast enough!) centered in the middle of the board.  Then I added my flair… The star fish was one of the table center piece items at our wedding, I seriously have about 50 of them! I like using decorative clothes pins and steel nails for holding up pictures instead of regular thumb tacks, I just think they look nicer.

And that is it! Super easy and quick project to add a little pizzaz to any shelf!


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