Master’s of Nutrition

The good news just came in, I was officially accepted into a Master’s of Science in Nutrition program! YAY! Applying for a Master’s program was something I have been contemplating since finishing my Dietetic Internship back in 2008, phew, can’t believe I bit the bullet! I am now a Chippewa (Central Michigan University) for the next two years! I LOVE this program and think any dietitian OR student looking to obtain a Master’s of Science in Nutrition should consider it. Also, to note, if you are an RD and you completed your internship within the past 7 years, there is a track that allows you to transfer in 12 units for your internship experience. If you are an RD but finished your internship more than 7 years ago (like me) there is a 3 part exam series you can take to transfer in your 12 units of internship experience. It might be a little intense, but after researching programs for several years, I think this one is one of the best for cost, ability to work full time while completing and relevance of classes to actual work performed. RD’s, look into this program!! Also to note, if you are an undergrad looking to complete your internship, they have a combined internship/master’s degree track. Important since starting in 2020 (ish) a Master’s degree will be a requirement to becoming an RD. Get on the bandwagon!

Check out the program here:

Since I will be continuing to work full time, including running my nutrition consulting business, things could get rough, but I know I can do it! Even better news, I found out I was able to get into TWO summer classes, my first one starts Monday and I can not wait!

Here is the book I will have my nose in non-stop for the next three weeks! It is an accelerated course, so three credits in three weeks is pretty intense!


I am looking forward to learning more about nutrition at the end of life. One of the companies I work for is hospice and home health and I know this class will boost my ability to connect and impact the lives of my patients and their families. I will keep you updated on good things I learn along the way. Death isn’t always glamorous, but everyone will experience it, whether with a grandparent, parent, sibling or other family member or friend, so we might as well know how to be prepared and what to expect. Looking forward to using my knowledge to better serve others.

Here is to a stressful but enlightening few years of maximizing my potential!


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