Pinterest Inspired Picture Wall

I want to start by saying I LOVE photo collage walls. I think they are the perfect way to show off an eclectic blend of inspired pieces and they also tell a story about a person (or family) with no words. Sometimes I hate to admit that I am a pinterest addict, but over the past year I have pinned a TON of collage inspirations. I knew that one day when I had my own space (a real space) I would find the perfect mix of photos to display. Luckily, our new house has a ridiculously high and somewhat odd shaped wall that unless I wanted to spend a lot of money on a large art piece, would have been difficult to decorate. So, I had my perfect collage wall.  Here are a few photos I used for inspiration for my wall:

wallcollage collage3 collage4

I found these on Pinterest but their original homes were:




My favorite part of these collages is the the use of different frame sizes, colors and design elements. I love the mirror in the middle one, but wasn’t looking to spend money on my collage wall and I had several pictures I wanted to display already, so I made mine using all items I already had.

Here is a photo of the wall I used before there was anything on it. Our ceilings are vaulted, so I had a lot of space to cover! You can notice also, this picture was before we installed baseboards!


The first thing I did was lay my design out on the floor so I knew where I wanted everything to go in advance. I ended up moving things around several times to get the collage to looked balanced.


I started with my centerpiece, which I wanted to be one of our wedding photos. Our wedding was almost three years ago now, but I am still obsessed with the photos our photographer did! She is amazing! You can find her at:

From the centerpiece, I worked outward to make sure things were somewhat evenly spaced. I did the picture below center first (My husband bought me this for Christmas, he knew it was a song my Nan used to sing to me when I was little). I then moved onto the pictures to the top, right and left, and worked out from there. The gold mirror on the top left is part of the Martha Stewart collection, I love the way it looks mixed in with the collage. Two of my other favorite photos are top right and bottom left. (Pictures of the Pubs of East Lansing, a 21st b-day gift from mom and dad done by a local artist there…all the places I used to frequent in college…and a picture of the Guggenheim, a museum I visited in Spain and fell in Love with.) I think when your photo collage wall represents who you are it means so much more!

Here is my collage in completion! Special thanks to my father in law who helped me get it up on the wall 🙂



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