Scrapbooking Spain

Over the past several months I have had a number of friends (and family) visit our house. I feel like I have given so many house tours that I could do it in my sleep. People love to see the updated kitchen and bath (I’ll show these another time) but one thing they always comment on in my office is my scrapbook board of my trip to Spain. This is somewhat of a flashback post since my trip to Spain was actually a number of years ago (I spent my last summer semester in college there to study Spanish.) But seeing that I always commit to 1,000,000 things it took me a while to get to this project. Once I did, I loved it!

This is seriously the simplest way to display mementos from an amazing trip, vacation or series of events. Way better than throwing them in a box or book that no one ever sees! It is fun to make and helps you relive the adventure every time you walk by it, at least it does for me 🙂

So here is what I did….When I was living in Spain, I kept pretty much everything from plane tickets, to train tickets, to entry tickets to events, maps (I LOVE maps), menus, leaflets etc. I kept them all in an envelope so I would know right where everything was. If you take a trip, consider prepacking an envelope with a label so you can put it all in one spot.

Start with a plain canvas. I got mine from our local craft store, but they sell them at JoAnn Fabrics, Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, plus most other craft stores with paint supplies would carry it. You can buy different sizes based on how big you want your display to be. I chose the 16×20 canvas and think it is a perfect display size.


Then I pulled out all my items and decided which ones I wanted to display. I think it is a good idea to lay them all out like a puzzle on the board, before you actually tack them down. That way you know that you like the way it looks and that everything will fit! You can always trim items or add fillers if you need to fit things a certain way.

Below are the items needed for this project! Display items (tickets, maps etc.), canvas board, Mod Podge, and a small paint brush or Sponge Brush. (Can also be purchased from the same craft stores as the canvas, I didn’t have mine handy when taking this photo but I included a photo below in case you don’t know what a sponge brush is. )




These are the foam brushes I am referring to. You can use either option for this project. I like that the regular paint brushes give a more “textured” look, because when the Mod Podge dries you can actually see the brush strokes. Some people prefer the look of the sponge brushes. Test out which one you like better before you start your project 🙂



After you have all of your items laid out the way you like them, start by brushing  a small coat of Mod Podge onto the backs and stick them back down on your canvas one by one (Just like you would with a glue stick!) When you have them all lightly pasted down, give them some time to dry (about 30 min) so they don’t slide around. For your first over coat, start in the middle of the canvas and paint a light coat of the Mod Podge over top of the entire project, just like if you were brushing over the entire thing with paint. I did small sections at a time to make sure I covered it all. After I got a full coat on, I let it dry overnight. I wanted mine to be extra sturdy because I added thicker paper items, so the next day, I went back and added a second and then third coat. If you have thicker items on your board (like a brochure) two to three coats are necessary to secure it. If you just have lightweight paper (similar to computer paper) one to two coats is probably fine!

*Make sure to let each coat dry completely before you do another, otherwise the Mod Podge will smear/clump!!

Here is what my board looked like after three coats. I added the little tags on top with scrap booking fabric, I liked the textured look it gave the board and I wanted to “title” my project in some way.


And here is what my project looks like displayed on the shelf in my office.


I think it would be really cool to make a travel wall in a room with several of these made from different countries or destinations! I can’t wait to do some more traveling 😉


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