Heres to the Start of Something New

Since starting the first post on a new blog always seems to be a bit tricky, I thought I would begin by sharing possibly the biggest DIY project of my life! Sometimes, looking back over the past year reminds me of all the stress, hard work and constant “going” I did…but then, I look at the final (well, its still not final, we still have quite a few things to do) outcome and it makes me smile a little. And, hey, when you can really smile about something you have accomplished, it makes everything that much better! So here it is….one big DIY!

Our first home! (Purchased in March 2013) This is how it looked on closing day…pretty haggard!


What better DIY than a little curb appeal? So this past summer, Brian (my husband) and I worked like crazy! Here are a few “progress” photos….but they really can’t do the work justice….I am talking every weekend (and some evenings after work) from July through September. It was our first ever outdoor painting project, so we have learned A LOT of things along the way…Like, don’t use a sprayer when the wind is blowing and your neighbors house is just 15 feet away! (Yes, we got paint splatters all over their deck!) Luckily, they were planning on re-doing the paint on their own house, and decided to wait until we finished. (Smart People). Still, we spent the rest of the summer rolling the paint….and now you understand what took so long! Also, each individual plank had about a 1 inch gap between the next, that could really only be done with a brush, hence the zebra looking stripes in the pictures below, we found it was easier to do those first and then use the roller!

IMG_2892 IMG_3148 IMG_3132


Okay, Okay….and now…the part I know you have been dying to see. The “after” photo. Although, it isn’t truly an after photo since we are still not totally done…We still need to replace the windows (and the trim pieces), and are planning to get a new garage door (one that isn’t wood and doesn’t open in one plank!) But as for the painting goes, we are done!


Just to give a little pricing estimate, we bought 5 gallon buckets of solid stain from home depot and went through between 5-6 per side! The house is old and had not been painted in a good 15 -20 years, so many of the planks needed fixing and it sucked up about 3 coats! I would say our grand total was between $3000 and $5000 in paint and supplies. We were quoted more than that just for the labor by a professional paint company, and we still would have had to purchase the paint. Overall….This was a crazy amount of work, but now that its done, I am smiling and totally inspired for my next project! Beyoutiful!


2 thoughts on “Heres to the Start of Something New

  1. They are actually really good and easy to make! I bought the Magic Bullet from Costco (maybe they sell them at Sam’s Club) for less than $50…I use it every day!


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